Conquering The Platform-Linda “KiloGram” Arvey

Conquering the platform is proud to present Linda Arvey aka KiloGram with her story and design "Master Athlete" (available in the online store).  Linda has and continues to break records on the state, national and world level proving that age is just a number.

Now her story in her own words...

After reading the stories of some of the other folks on Conquering the Platform, my story seems banal. Between us, my husband and I have four children, thirteen grandchildren and three great grandchildren. We have had various jobs and businesses and it doesn’t seem as if we will slow down in the near future-which is fine by me.
All of us, if we have lived long enough, have had some sort of struggle in our lives and since I am rapidly approaching seventy, I can say I have had a few struggles in all areas of life. But I am an eternal optimist and tend to focus on the positive things in life, like family, friends and Jesus (yes, I am a Jesus freak and proud of it).
My husband, Al, and I reached our thirtieth wedding anniversary this past December (2019) after dating for six years before tying the knot. We have always done something together in order to maintain our physical health and when we started getting a bit older, we both wanted to add some weight training to our regimen. We didn’t know exactly what that would lead to when we started. We messed with dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells and dinner bells (we like to eat). We eventually wound up in a cross fit gym. I liked the weightlifting part but not rushing through everything to see how fast we could finish, especially since most people in the gym were at least 30 years younger than us and we have this part in our brain that is hard to turn off-the competitive gene.
My youngest son was working out with heavy weights and decided to join the USPA and compete. He was so excited about the sport and it really helped him with a back issue. For a couple of reasons, we had stopped cross fit so Al, and I started using Mark Rippetoe’s Starting Strength program. On a visit to see my son and his family in North Carolina, my son, Mason, was encouraging me to start competing. I told him he was crazy. What could an old lady do in the power lifting world? He took me to the gym and in ten minutes, he had me hooked on the notion of competing. Six weeks after we started training, Al and I entered our first USPA competition. I had just turned sixty-eight and Al was seventy-two. The past eighteen months have been very rewarding. We have set a few records, won a few medals and met a bunch of great people which is, for me, the best thing about competing. You get to meet people from all walks of like. I love encouraging others, giving high-fives or fist bumps, hoping to inspire one spectator to get off the couch or stay off the couch. Getting older, for me at any rate, has been a total hoot. God has blessed me with a loving husband, a great family and the ability to just go after life! Redefining old age-that’s the goal!